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Pam Grier and Carl Weathers in Friday Foster (1975)
Roger Daltrey in The Who’s Tommy (1975)
Sailor on shore leave and woman kissing, ‘Hennesy’-ad in the background, Paris, France; captured by Nico Jesse (1960)
Jimi Hendrix with stepsister Janie; captured by Ulvis Alberts (1968)
Marie Helene Arnaud, Cap d’Antibes Mirror; captured by Georges Dambier (1957)
Quentin Tarantino & Christoph Waltz; captured by Annie Leibovitz
Jessica Lange in King Kong (1976)
Why the fuck; captured by Yarden Horwitz
Strike, Tel Aviv; captured by ltb.
Josefine Nielsen; captured by Sean McMenomy
Jimi Hendrix & Mitch Mitchell
Mick Jagger (1970)
Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper
Power couple, Orson Welles & Rita Hayworth, with daughter Rebecca (1945)