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Jenna Klein; captured by Rafael Stahelin
Dustin Hoffman, Sighted at Chasen’s Restaurant; captured by Ron Galella (1978) 
Chloe Belle; captured by David Bellemere
Paul McCartney on the set of A Hard Day’s Night, London; captured by David Hurn (1964)
Jane Fonda in Walk on the Wild Side, with Andreas Voutsinas; captured by Peter Basch (1962)
Herieth Paul; captured by Richard Bernardin for Elle Canada
Liza Sotnikova; captured by Kacper Kasprzyk for Dazed And Confused (2012)
Mystic; captured by Fred Stein
Robert Plant; captured by Carl Dunn
The Who as the High Numbers (1964)
Marihenny Rivera ; captured by Toby Knott for Rollacoaster 
Ruby Aldridge for Cobrasnake
The Young Lion, Jim Morrison; captured by Joel Brodsky (1967)
Tiernan Cowling; captured by Cybele Malinowski
Gong Li; captured by Marc Riboud (1993)